Columbia international college tuition.

CIU Tuition Charges. Full-time undergraduate students at Columbia International University were charged $22,390 in fees and tuition in the 2018 - 2019 academic year, before modifications for financial aid. $21,720 was the price tag on tuition. $670 was the price of fees.

Student Population at Columbia College Total 1,276 students have enrolled into Columbia College where 1,165 students have enroll into undergraduate programs and 111 students for graduate programs. By gender, 272 male and 1,004 female students are attending Columbia College.

CBC upholds an environment of diversity, fairness, equity, and sustainability, providing opportunities for the people of Benton and Franklin counties to succeed in their pursuit of higher educational achievement, meaningful employment, and basic skills development, while promoting cultural enrichment and well-being for its community. IMPORTANT!!! International Student Applications are currently on hold. Please be informed that while Columbia College is a designated institution recognized by Immigration Canada and can accept students under Canada’s International Student Framework agreement, we understand that our graduates are unable to obtain a Post-Graduate Workplace Permit at this time.

The tuition rate for 2019-2020 (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020) is $1,700 per credit hour. The college fee is $468 per semester and cannot be waived. The price of tuition per credit hour is the same for both master's and doctoral students. There is no in-state or out-of-state tuition rate with the exception of some special cohort ...