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Gilchrist was speaking at the Vineyard at HortPark on Tuesday, where he was presented with The Straits Times Star of the Month for October for adding his latest world title to the ones he won in ...

Come October, the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings will open as the new National Gallery Singapore. Now before the artworks go up, relive the old times of this historic space with stories from those who used to work there.

The panellists acknowledged that a key challenge faced by the beverage industry in Southeast Asia is legal instability. “Sometimes there are laws, sometimes there are new laws, sometimes the laws change,” said one speaker, concluding that “that’s kind of, in a nutshell, our life in Southeast Asia.”

Aug 08, 2018 · A disturbing "suicide challenge" called the Momo game has been making the rounds on social media platforms such as WhatsApp. ... (Asia) is a member of The Straits Times media partner Asia News ... Dec 16, 2019 · Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Saturday (Dec 14) issued a travel notice for northeast India, advising Singaporeans travelling there to exercise vigilance and caution. Singapore is aiming for 12 per cent of every student cohort to undergo the work-study pathway by 2030. A member ... This figure is nearly three-quarters of the 59,500 tonnes of plastic that NEA said was recycled in the same year. While the total amount recycled only made up a meagre 7 per cent of the 822,200 ... A terrifying new online character called Momo is targeting people on Whatsapp, sending them violent images and a series of dares, reportedly ending with a suicide challenge. Police in Argentina are reportedly investigating the link between a girl's death and Momo, billed as the new Slender Man.